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A two way postcard

Oo, the pressure of the first entry...I've started and deleted so many first paragraphs. i actually wrote the entire first entry two nights ago on a fellow traveller's laptop in the hostel but the connection died just as i submitted it and i lost it all and didn't have the energy to write it again. It was much better than this version is going to be!

I suppose a few words about what this blog is about will help set the tone. It was Tim's idea really (hi tim!). When I was saying I wouldnt really know what to put in a blog he suggested describing how we had won and lost 'adventure points' as we make our way round. This idea of points comes from 'festival points' whereapon friends can award friends points for doing something /impressive/amusing/kind/resourceful/helpful in a festival context. For example helping someone put up a tent, or fashining a cupholder out of a glowstick. Similarly points can be docked for doing something daft/lame. So Tim suggested that we might describe how each of us had won or lost points as we go.

Dave has been an absolute star this past few months while I've been working and so I am awarding him a 50 point head start. I'm going to enjoy working hard to catch him up :)

The other thing I should say is that neither of us are trying to get away from it all, we just wanted to go and look at some cool things. So we would love it if you send us pictures or tell us about wat you're up to - a two way postcard if you like.

Um, i'm sure i said more things the first time but i don't remember now, so i'll just copy this to a text file first, and then hit send!

Love to you all
Rachel and Dave

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