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Final set of photos 15/02/2011
Has someone been playing with the colours on my camera? 13/02/2011
Standing beside a volcanic crater is definitely not normal 13/02/2011
Interim Normalcy 13/02/2011
One man (a host of Angels) and his chisel 10/02/2011
Toot Toot Splash Splash 10/02/2011
Eight days on top of Ethiopia 08/02/2011
The most important thing is the human being 26/01/2011
Christmas mark 2 (and a journey) 23/01/2011
New Year New Country 23/01/2011
Alive in Ethiopia 19/01/2011
Making waves 07/01/2011
Jinja bells 06/01/2011
(can't thinkof a title for this one...) Kampala 06/01/2011
Bonus lakes 04/01/2011
Priced off the mountain 04/01/2011
Up a tree and down a river 04/01/2011
Inpenatrable? pah 04/01/2011
A dome from home 04/01/2011
Q. How do you fit eleven people in a Ford Escort 04/01/2011
What is Rule #4?? 24/12/2010
Merry Christmas everyone 23/12/2010
It's got two Zs in it! 23/12/2010
Volcanic Gorillas 23/12/2010
Middle Eastern de ja vu 17/12/2010
Not liars us, we *are* coming home & invitation to join us 17/12/2010
Goodbye Malawi, Hello Tanzania 17/12/2010
All is well by the lake 12/12/2010
Quick update - in Tanzania 29/11/2010
Redress the balance 29/11/2010
Goodbye to the lake 29/11/2010
Wherearewe? 29/11/2010
The Mushroom Farm 29/11/2010
Aftertaste of victory 29/11/2010
Chistmas cottage in the woods 29/11/2010
a Dar Dar Dar 29/11/2010
Doctor Doctor, I think i'm a loaf of bread 25/11/2010
Community on the waves 25/11/2010
Cultural encounters 25/11/2010
Following our lead 25/11/2010
Halloween in Zomba 25/11/2010
Happy Blantyre Birthday 17/11/2010
Ups and Downs - Mulanje Massif 17/11/2010
Gently gently catchy Jumbo 17/11/2010
How to recover from a festival 17/11/2010
New photos online 31/10/2010
Lake of Stars 31/10/2010
lilongwe li-long-a-we li-long-a-we li-long-a-we a-weeeeeeeee 31/10/2010
Still alive 29/10/2010
Wet wet wet wet wet FISH wet 11/10/2010
Indiana Jones and the Lazy Horse 11/10/2010
Massif desert landscapes 11/10/2010
The big Dana to Petra trek 04/10/2010
Gearing up for the trek 03/10/2010
Cracs and Crumbles 23/09/2010
What do you think this is: some kind of holiday?? 23/09/2010
A monk's picnic 23/09/2010
A ruinous proposal 21/09/2010
Inspiration seedlings 21/09/2010
Turning up the volume 20/09/2010
Lost at last 10/09/2010
you come me here nature come normal 07/09/2010
Photos Up 07/09/2010
Closing impressions of Iran 07/09/2010
Call to Lake of Stars 07/09/2010
The chuckling mosque of Baledeh 07/09/2010
Towering sucesses 06/09/2010
Baggy Trousers 06/09/2010
Heldev! 28/08/2010
Camping fail - mountain win 28/08/2010
Bridges, blankets and brave young belles 28/08/2010
Abandoned Radar Station-ation-ation-ation 21/08/2010
How to cross a road in Iran 21/08/2010
Poetry emotion - Shiraz 21/08/2010
Last of the Summer - Oh hang on, thats not wine... 21/08/2010
No singing for supper 19/08/2010
Official Adventure #1 11/08/2010
Phallic rocks and navigational shocks 05/08/2010
Scrubbers! 05/08/2010
What *was* I worried about?? 02/08/2010
A two way postcard 02/08/2010